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"Dover - My life there"  -  backstage  (2014)

Description:   An image from the backstage of "Dover - My life there", an editorial by the photographer Domingo Nardulli and the stylist Marta Lenzi published on Kaltblut Magazine
I gave my contribute on the retouching following Domingo during the various steps of the process.
Here an image from the backstage that I enjoyed to retouch just for myself differently from the look of the official editorial.

>> Have a look the editorial on Kaltblut Magazine
Letdown  - Livid Magazine NY (2014)

Client:  Livid Magazine

Description:   The project has come out from a collaboration with the photographer Domingo Nardulli and the stylist Marta Lenzi.
"LETDOWN" wants to be a "breaking of the schemes".
Inspired primarily by "Pretty Woman", it follows the story of a relationship between a fascinating middle-aged businessman in the London City area and a young dreamer girl that on the night becomes a high-class prostitute to gain a comfortable life.
Their relationship is purely commercial, but the young woman falls in love with her habitual client, seeing in him a boat of salvation from her own life.
The story develops in the modern City of London, the only real element that connects the different lives of the two characters. For him, the theater of a frantic routine divided between office, mundane life and fleeting encounters. For her, the right place to find high society clients.
From here the recall to the film "The Great Beauty", where is represented a scenery of a vacuous and defeat life, powerful and depressing made ​​of sad appearances.

During the shooting the expectations of the public are beginning to crumble, the dream becomes more and more 'ephemeral and unattainable.
From the romantic and dreamy style at the beginning it starts to go to a nearly noir, where you begin to feel a different taste, made of intrigue, games and subterfuges, until reaching to an ironic climax, desperate and definitely unexpected, a splatter final in a "Sin City" style. The atmospheres and the colors chosen for the different scenes follow the course of the history by mixing the different styles of the 3 Movies mentioned above and creating a dynamic color palette.
   >> Here just a selection. Click to see the complete editorial
  A before > after to show the processing
The War Travelogue  - Superior Magazine (2014)

Client:  Superior Magazine

Description:   "The War Travelogue" is a fashion editorial based on a story built on the real memories of an italian veteran of the World War II.
The project is came out by a close cooperation of a team recently created by me, the stylist Marta Lenzi and the photograpger Domingo Nardulli and it's the result of more than one month of hard work, spent on the development of the idea and the right choice of every single detail, from the location to the dresses.
I gave my best contribute on the post-production trying to valorize the sensation of every single moment that we wanted to represent.
It has been a great satisfaction to get a publication on Superior Magazine.

>> Have a look the editorial on Superior Magazine Digital
   >> click on the images to see the full project
  Before > After
   All the pages of the editorial on Superior Magazine
Hello Spring - Cosmopolitan  (2012)
Client:  Imag'in Productions

Description:    Retouch work done for Imag'in Production London.
Editorial published on: Cosmopolitan March 2012 Germany
Art Director:
Toby Sillence
Bram Pauwels
Marrit Mulder
Believe in Britain - Sky  (2012)
Client:  Imag'in Productions

Description:    Retouch work done for Imag'in Production London.
Art Director:
Martin Smith
Satoshi Minakawa
Rules of attraction, Greta Gerwig - Instyle (2012)
Client:  Imag'in Productions

Description:    Retouch work done for Imag'in Production London.
Editorial published on: INSTYILE May 2012
Art Director:
Toby Sillence
Horst Diekgerdes
Light painting summer 2012
Description:    A light painting experiment that I did with my girlfriend stylist inspired by the Louboutin Autumn 2009 AD Campaign.
We really enjoyed the casual nature of the project and the arrangement of the set in a very few time, simply using the table of my living room, a torch and all that we found at home at that moment.
A special thanks to Marta Lenzi and Stefano Palazzolo for the set styling and the photos.
  Copyright © 2011 Fabio Santoro