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Sunset at horizon (2015)
Description:   A new piece inspired by Romanticism Art.
I'm always fascinating by the sense of calm that you can find in the great masters' Romanticist paintings. There you can find a constant perfect mix of peace, mystery and feeling lost by the power of Nature
This time I chose the
Friedrich's palette of colors.
Flying home (2015)
Description:   A piece that represents three islands (Budelli, Santa Maria, Razzoli) of La Maddalena archipelago, the wonderful place where I come from.
"Around the war" - North Italy - Winter 1944  (2014)
Description:   Recently I spent a while of my free time to play and experiment around the war.
I collected lot of sketches and studies, quick drafts with pencil on paper and color studies in digital, looking around photos and original footages. The intention was mainly to achieve and convey the feeling related to the awful years of the war, trying to look from the eyes of the people who actually lived those moments, more than the simple rapresentation of war scenes.

Thes two environments in particular represents plains and mountains of the north Italy during the Second World War, precisely the cold winter of 1944, one of the worst years of the whole Second World War for Italy.

The countryside and the mountainous regions of the country has been the theater of the partisan resistance, the best places to escape and fight the Nazi occupation.
But the living conditions were terrible and the resources were scarce. Life was hard and often it was difficult to survive to hunger.

I will share further more stuff.
   A close-up of the matte painting above.
Dusk / Night Desert  (2013)
Description:   The image was initially just a sky panorama for a shot with a 180° camera for a film project at
Recently I decided to take up the work and realized a complete matte painting of a desert adding details
and painting completely the far mountains.
  6.000 px wide
   Some details of the painting
The lost future (2013)
Description:   A metaphor to represent the actual situation of Italy.
For the colors and style I has been inspired by the paintings of Italian Risorgimento's battles.
Turner  (2013)
Description:   A matte painting inspired by the Turner's painting "Fishermen at Sea" (1796)

I always thought that there is a close connection between the old Romatic Art and modern matte painting, both for the purpose
intended with the image and the study of the color turned toward the transmission of a sensation.
We can find Issues such as the exaltation of the infinite, the search for the sublime and mysterious, as well as the exploration of
feelings and sensations related to the landscape in the modern painters works too, where the landscape of the plate is completely
reinterpreted in order to be more harmonious and stunning, often accentuating the depth and the effect of infinite.

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La Maddalena - Today and Yesterday  (2013)
Description:   A matte painting representing a skyline of my city (the island of La Maddalena) taken from the sea.
Also I wanted to create another version of the matte painting simulating the effect of an old postcard, inspired by the collection of a family friend. It has been so fascinating to see the large number of postcards of the city refferred to different periods and see the numerous transformations of the places through the time.
Cold Wasteland (2013)
Description:   An experiment inspired by the tv series "Game of Thrones".

My purpose was to create 3 different atmospheres of the same place keeping the original lighting of the photo.
I got the first photo that I saw on Flickr with a landscape similar to those of the series.
I decided to work mainly on the color and the sensation withouth adding any new elements.
I just created an extension of mountains to give more depth to the image.
London City Airport   (2012)
Description:   A matte painting realized for an unrealized project at Squint/Opera.
Moon and Venus - Cambridge (2011 - 2012)
Description:   A matte painting realized after my period in Cambridge.
I imagined a magic moment at Parker's Piece Park in the evening, in a rare day of autumn with the Moon and Venus perfectly visible in a clean and starry sky.

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The lost soul  (2011)
Description:   The intention was to represent a night view of contemporary Rome, but with an evocative and mystical atmosphere that refers to the splendor of ancient Rome, almost as if time had stopped.

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Medieval Battle Field (2010)
Description:   This matte painting was created for a collaboration with my friend Roberto Battelli, for his personal degree thesis.
The subject was a game trailer for a hypothetical game ("The Guardian") set at the medieval age.
The main scene of the video represents a battle between good and evil.

I represented this conflict using different tones, dark and cold on the left and warm on the right.
The matte painting is 6.000 px wide.

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New York Suburb  (2010)
Description:   An imaginary reconstruction of a New York suburb like a gangster film scenery.
For the lighting and the color grading I was inspired by the movie "Watchmen"

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Cinacittà - Concept  (2010)
Description:   It's a concept for "Cinacittà" movie.
The goal was to create a heavy atmosphere, very yellowy and sultry.
From the review of the homonymous book: "South of the world is getting hotter and Rome is now unlivable during the day.
The Romans have left for the unbearable sultry weather and the violent economic crisis caused by the new currency.
The only ones who can benefit from this situation are Chineses who colonized the city until transforming it completely and destroing
its historical immortality."

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Venezia - Cartoon Teaser  (2010)
Description:   Matte Painting for a 3D cartoon teaser
I managed the Matte Painting work and created all backgrounds of the movie in one month.
Property of Big.Rock s.r.l.

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Kid Matte Painter Room (2009)
Description:   Personal Work realized during my master at Big Rock School
I did on a given 3D geometry texturing, lighting, rendering and Matte Painting.
For the 3D I used Maya and Mental Ray, Photoshop for the composition and matte painting.
Axis, Reality in the finction  -  Short Movie  (2008)
Description:   This is my thesis in "Computer Graphics and Multimedia Design" at the Faculty of Architecture "Valle Giulia".
It's my first experience in matte paiting. I realized a fantasy short set in my island La Maddelna represented after a hypothetical tsunami.
A special thanks to
Santo Acciaro for his collaboration, fundamental for the successful of the project.

>>  Click to enlarge and see the whole project

Rome Film Fest III (2007)
Description:   This is a University Group Project.
The project stands for planning and creating the corporate image for the third edition of the Rome International Film Festival, using all media available. Within an interactive interface we've collected the entire planning for the advertising campaign, and created a 30 seconds TV Commercial.

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