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Déjà vu Sensation - Graphic Identity (2011)

Description:   The work was to create a new graphic style of the brand for the new season of events around the disco clubs.
My intention was to create a set of various illustrations that represent various common situations about the night life.
Vinòforum Advertising Campaign (2010 / 2011)
Description:   I created the image used for the entire advertising campaign of "Vinòforum 2011", the food and wine event in Rome.
All material is property of DNC Eventi & Comunicazione
  Vertical Advertising
  Matte Painting used for the Advertising Campaign  -  Morning version
  Matte Painting used for the Advertising Campaign  -  Night version
"PMIBB" - International Competition for the new Logo (2010)
Description:   PMIBB (International Marine Park of "Bocche di Bonifacio") is the twinning of two institution
that are committed to safeguard a common territory.
Project philosophy:
The "PMIBB community project" was established with the purpose to create in the future a joint management of a marine ecosystem that is identical both for the National Park of the Archipelago of La Maddalena (Sardinia) and the Natural Reserve of Bocche di Bonifacio (Corsica).
My intention has been to focus precisely on twinning of the two institutions that will put together the PMIBB, using as a metaphor the image of the two seahorses that intertwine their tails
  Study of colors
The choice of colors, comes from a stylization of the main colors sampled directly from the nature of the marine park protected by PMIBB.
The "green water", which ranges from a lighter to a darker, echoes the color of the sea floor, from coast to open sea, instead the "yellow" is the color of the sand.
The intent is to convey fully the qualities of purity and untouched status of the place.
  Modularity of the logotype
Sanna Sloth Logo (2011)
Description:   Identity for my friend "animator" Matteo Sanna
Girl Wear Mascot Design (2009)
Description:   Some illustrations for a new t-shirt brand collection for teenager.
"Relazioni Culinarie" Identity and Corporate Image (2010)
Description:   "Relazioni Culinarie" is a famous restaurant in the historic center of Rome, known for its typical Calabrian and Sicilian cuisine.
Looking the style of the place and its interior decoration, we have chosen a a very gestural and artistic corporate image using the typical colors of the Mediterranean south of Italy
The work was realized with the art director
Andrea Biagioni
All material is property of DNC Eventi & Comunicazione
Fabio Santoro Personal Identity (2009/2010)
Description:   Study for my personal identity.
"Cantina delle Meraviglie" Identity and Corporate Image (2010/2011)
"Cantina delle Meraviglie" was created to meet the demand of connoisseurs, wine lovers and expert consumers, to find all exclusive wines for their rarity and not found in traditional distribution channels.
"Cantina delle Meraviglie" is a tour in the tradition of the greatest wines in the world
All material is property of DNC Eventi & Comunicazione
"Sandrino's" Corporate Image Presentation (2010/2011)
Description:   "Sandrino's advanced bakers" is a chain specialized in the food industry, known in Rome and in Italy for its specialties and traditional techniques.
The work was to recreate entirely the corporate image, bringing a modern touch to the brand, but at the same time preserving the values ​​and traditions. The graphic project consisted of a book and an interactive presentation that summarize the qualities and features of the brand.
The book was presented in a competitive tender for a rest area at the Fiumicino airport
All material is property of DNC Eventi & Comunicazione
Rome Film Fest III (2007)
Description:   This is a University Group Project.
The project stands for planning and creating the corporate image for the third edition of the Rome International Film Festival, using all media available. Within an interactive interface we've collected the entire planning for the advertising campaign, and created a 30 seconds TV Commercial.

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